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( UBOOT voided slab leading company in Iran )

Modiran Saze Company started its activities in construction field in 2014. The company has been completed the design, supervision and build of numerous commercial, official, residential, etc. projects using RC voided slab systems. We are honored to announce that the company is ready to take customers’ orders from all around the world. As an Iranian leading company, Modiran Saze has already succeeded to export products and subsidiary engineering services to some surrounding countries.

The services are listed as below:
1. Providing the voiding formwoks ( called UBOOT ) using in concrete voided slab. The formworks are made of recycled P.P material consisting two similar parts ( top and bottom parts ) which are forming a closed crate-type unit. Length and width of these formworks are 52cm but the heights differ. The heights of the produced UBOOT formworks are from 16cm to 40cm. The bottom part are supported by four conoid legs of different heights.
2. Engineering services consisting preliminary study of projects with UBOOT voided slab systems, and final design of structures.

The company produces two types of UBOOT formworks:
a) Ordinary UBOOT (uboot without hole inside)
b) Holed UBOOT (uboot with a hole inside)
The Holed type has an empty cylindrical part in the middle of the formwork connecting the top space above the formwork to the bottom space below.
It's important that the voiding formworks will not be broken during construction process. Based on this fact our products are of high quality. They are produced of high quality recycled material (P.P based). This helps the environment too. Additionally, the UBOOT formworks are supported with four side graded straps to form an orthogonal network of joists.


• How to buy uboot formworks and order related engineering services from Iran?
To order any of the services, please simply send a message to info@modiransaze.com or call us at +989120124427.

Headquarters Address: Unit 6, NO.215, After South Neda st., Kaj 45 meters blvd, Azimiyeh, Karaj, Iran.